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To logo or not to logo, that is the question many face when ordering a former W.W.F. belt. Below I have posted pictures of WWF belts with the alternative logos used by several belt collectors. These are NOT the only designs that can be used as you too can redesign the logo to avoid the extra $1000 logo fee. Logo art however must be approved by the belt maker and engraver.

Available now for an additional $1000 fee.

These are free alternatives to the block logo:

Old school FWF logo.

The newly redesigned by Chris Page FWF logo.

I have only seen this logo used once before on a Winged Eagle.

Some choose to use crowns instead of logos.

Others just choose to leave it completely blank.

This is the old school WWF Logo/Letters used on the Hogan84 & Hogan85 designs. These letters are off limits and can't be touched thanks to our good friends at the World Wildlife Fund. Nope not even for a $1000!

These are free alternatives to the WWF letters:


Bottom line is it worth spending the $1000 and getting them done the somewhat correct way? By somewhat correct, I mean that the $1000 logos come with a stamped "Licensed Replica" on the main plate and strap. You not getting a exact replica regardless, it's the closest you can get however. If you have the funds then by all means go for it, but if not these reworked logos should get the job done just fine. Don't get me wrong, I would take a "Licensed Replica" any day of the week over a reworked logo but hey $1000 is almost another belt. So the way I see it is, get one WWF "Licensed Replica" Hogan86 or get a FWF Hogan86 and a FWF Reggie IC. Just my opinion however...